Saturday, June 27, 2009

What is Tween Marketing?

Tween Marketing usually referes to the promotion of products and services to young people between the ages of six and twelve. This multi-billion dollar industry deals with views and attitudes that are constantly changing. These tweens that use to be happy playing with toys now turn their attention to music, fashion, and their individuality.

Why is this tweenie market so attractive to marketers, well besides the multi-billion dollar price tag? Tweens are young and uninformed about the world of advertising. Tweens are aware of shopping, however, they lack the skills to make informed buying decicions. "Childhood" once was thought of as the post toddler stage to adolescence, now there is a new stage created mostly by the consumer age. Tweenies are easy to target with children oriented advertising strategies. Tweenies have a massive buying power. They have the power to dictate household spending on items such as clothing, activities, foods, drinks, and groceries. Children have a positve response to triggers in advertsing. They are brand savy and make choices based on image, appearance of items and brand names. They believe in upgrading and replacing items in line with trends, and they move rapidly from one purchasing desire to another. Holiday's such as Christmas and Easter are excellent Tween marketing opportunites. During these times Tweens can be persuaded into holding a desire for the latest toy, game, clothing, music, or piece of technology. Highly visual, colorful, musical messages are excellent for Tween marketing and advertising campaigns. From a disposable income perspective, tweens represent the largest audience,segment or group. The tweenies mareket has become hot property in the advertising world. These 6 to 12 year olds are the next generation of consumers.

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