Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is Multi-Channel Marketing and Why is it Important?

Multi-Channel Marketing to most marketeers is the use of many different marketing channels to reach customers.  For example, using radio, television, and social media marketing to get the word out about the new Eminem CD.  Your objective, as always with marketing, is to make it easier for your customers to buy products from your organization.  Basically, we are offering customers more than one way to buy products from us.  But why is multi-channel marketing so important.  Well, many different reasons.  First it makes things easier for the customer so they are more likely to continue with their purchases.  We all know that convenience is a key component to customer service. Next  multi-channel marketing allows the company more opportunities to interact with their customers.  More interaction leads to building customer relationships and that leads to more purchases.  Customer interaction, particularly website or phone calls, allows marketers to gather important customer data that can later be used for  developing mailing list, or for future promotions or branding campaigns.  Multi-channel marketing is essentially bringing together a complete and cohesive marketing campaign that provides value to customers and profit to the organization.

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