Thursday, May 28, 2009

Television Killed the Radio but Who Killed the TV?

Television by any marketer's standards is an exciting tool for getting your message out.  It offers not only sound but also a visual picture for your audience.  This double message reinforcement has helped to build franchise empires such as McDonald's and Coca Cola.  We have all sat back on Superbowl day and watched in amazement at the largest yearly advertising event entertain us with outstanding movie like commercials.  The next day everyone races to the office water cooler to laugh about the new commercial they saw the day before.  But someone wants to take all of this water cooler chatter away?  Who is the dirty rotten scandal that seeks to make the job of every marketer harder?  None other than the criminal minded TIVO and DVR.  These two partners in crime have single handily destroyed the the advertising campaigns of countless marketers.  Don't get me wrong, I think whomever created the technology should win a Nobel Peace Prize.  However, the amount of commercials that get fast forwarded are continuing to grow exponentially.  DVR penetration, for US homes, is expected to climb between 30% and 35% by 2010, according to an article on Businessweek .com (Watching the TIVO Effect).  So the Million or Billion dollar question that I ask all of you Marketers and Advertisers out there is how do we combat this phenomenon?  How do we do what we do best and find a way to take advantage of the trend and increase company profits? 

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