Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

With increasing advertising cost and greater competition to sell products and services to consumers we, as marketeers, must form new strategies in order to keep our organizations competitive.  In a constantly changing environment we must stay lean and flexible in order to adapt and overcome.  One helpful tool on our tool bet would be the use of Guerrilla Marketing Tactics.  The real magic of guerrilla marketing is taking a calculated marketing pitch and making it seem that it's a spontaneous unique interaction of information.  This new marketing technique has become  popular due to its reliance on energy, creativity, and imagination rather than large marketing budgets.  Guerrilla marketing usually consists of  street stunts, product giveaways, and any other public display that a creative marketeer can think of.  Basically you are trying to get the maximum exposure with the least amount of resources.  There really are no rules to guerrilla marketing that's where we get the name from.  Jay Conread Levinson, author of the book "Guerrilla Marketing:  Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business" has been credited with the creation of the phrase.  Using guerrilla marketing tactics have allowed small businesses to compete with large corporations.  It is the ultimate in viral marketing sparking interest that gets passed on from person to person until an entire marketing target segment is infected with product buzz and just hopefully they decide to buy the product.  With the constant improvement in technology and the explosion of the Internet superhighway, guerrilla marketing is now being initiated in chat rooms and social blogs.  Extremely determined marketeers, such as myself, have even used text messaging, which is highly effective for parties and events, to spread the word.  Guerrilla marketing may be a new and crude form of marketing, however, it is a deadly weapon in the multi-channel marketing professionals arsenal.      

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